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Registration is now open. Click here to register. 

The deadline for early registration is June 2nd, 2023 AoE. 

For financial assistance to attend HHAI 2023, check the Humane-AI NET Travel Awards

Pricing and Deadlines
  • All prices are in EURO. 
  • Registering for a day gives you access to all the events happening that day without needing to pre-register for them, subject to the availability of spots. The events’ timings are now published in the online program.
The day(s) you’d like to register forMon
26 June 2023
27 June 2023
Wed - Fri
28-30 June 2023
Until June 2nd 2023 AoE
Until June 24th 2023 AoE
Until June 30th 2023 AoE
Student75 75 300 350 400
Professional100 100 400 500 600
Cancellation and Changes
  1. Cancellations must be submitted in writing to  registration@hhai-conference.org.
  2. All cancellations received on or before June 2nd  2023 AoE, are entitled to a refund minus a 50 EUR processing fee.
  3. No refunds will be given after  June 2nd  2023 AoE.
  4. Registrants who find themselves unable to attend should be aware that registrations are transferable, but in general, the conference committee cannot assist in finding an appropriate replacement. Substitutions for paid registrants may be made up until June 23, 2023, with written notice to registration@hhai-conference.org 
  5. The conference organizers reserve the right to cancel sub-events happening on the pre-conference days and the satellite events if they do not reach the minimum number of attendees. If an extra fee was paid for a cancelled sub-event the fee will be refunded. 
  6. In case of conference cancellation for reasons beyond the control of HHAI 2023 organisers, the liability of the HHAI 2023 organisers is limited to refunding the conference fees already paid by the registrants. HHAI 2023 organisers will not be responsible for any personal inconvenience that may arise.