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HHAI Summer School

As part of HHAI 2024, the first edition of the HHAI Summer Schools will take place in Malmö, Sweden. Students are invited to participate in a series of dedicated events that explore the cooperation between humans and intelligent systems. As part of the pre-conference program, leading researchers and experts from industry will offer a series of tutorials, workshops, and other events of cutting-edge topics related to Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence. 

To receive a certificate of attendance, students need to attend the following sessions:

  • Monday – Tuesday: Four tutorials or three tutorials and the doctoral consortium
  • Wednesday – Friday: The discovery workshops and keynotes
  • Attending the other session of the main conference is advised.

The Summer School is supported by HumanE-AI-Net, a network of European research centers, universities, and key industrial champions, that combines world leading AI competence with key players in related areas such as HCI, cognitive science, social sciences and complexity science. HumanE-AI-Net goal is to lay the foundations for designing the principles for a new science that will make AI based on European values and closer to Europeans.

Summer School Schedule Morning
[9:00 – 13:00]
[14:00 – 18:00]
Day 1
(June 10)
Human-AI mutual promotion for emotion and cognition understanding
[Room NI:A0406]
Collaborative HAI-Learning through Conceptual Exploration
[Room NI:A0406]
Introduction to HAI
[Room NI:A0306]
Tutorial on Contextualizing and Executing Robot Manipulation Plans Using Web Knowledge
[Room NI:A0306]
Day 2
(June 11)
An Introduction to Computational Argumentation
[Room NI:A0311]
Knowledge Engineering for Hybrid Intelligence (KE4HI)
[Room NI:A0407]
Interactive Concept-based Search
[Room NI:A0407]
Doctoral Consortium
[Room NI:A0507]
Day 3
(June 12)
Discovery Workshop and Keynote
Day 4
(June 13)
Discovery Workshop and Keynote
Day 5
(June 14)
Discovery Workshop and Keynote

Titles and time slots for Keynotes and Discovery Workshops will be published shortly.

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