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Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops: Interdisciplinary Brainstorming Sessions

Join us at this year’s conference for our Discovery Workshops, where participants from our diverse community gather to address a specific set of challenges through collective brainstorming. These sessions encourages the sharing of ideas and methodologies across different fields, from science and technology to the arts and humanities.

Participants will take part in structured discussions and group activities designed to facilitate an open exchange of perspectives and foster innovative solutions. This interdisciplinary approach aims to break down traditional barriers, encouraging fresh insights and novel approaches to complex problems.

The workshops are ideal for anyone interested in exploring new ideas and collaborative problem-solving. You will leave with broader perspectives, potentially new connections, and the motivation to think differently about challenges in your own field. All levels of expertise are welcome, as every participant brings a unique view that enriches the conversation.

The June 12 Discovery Workshop follows the June 11 workshop on AI in Africa & SDGs on Advancing Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on climate action in Africa.

The June 13 Discovery Workshop is on the broad topic of Methods for Hybrid Intelligence.

Both workshops will take place at OR:D138 (Orkanen, Nordenskiöldsgatan 10, Malmö).

The workshops will provide light snacks and is the perfect opportunity as an afternoon mingle.