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Camera-ready Instructions

The papers from the main track, doctoral consortium, and posters & demos track will be published as part of the Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence. The preliminary title of the proceedings is “HHAI 2024 – Hybrid Human Al Systems for the Social Good” and they will be published in the Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications series. All papers will be made freely available under the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC).

To have the proceedings digitally available by the start of the conference, authors are required to submit their camera-ready versions no later than the following dates.

Camera-ready submission deadlines

  • Main track: April 12
  • Doctoral Consortium: April 18
  • Posters & Demos: April 24

Conference Registration

Each paper at the conference (main track, doctoral consortium, and posters/demos track) needs to be associated with at least one of the paper’s authors’ registration by April 30. Please mark your registration with the EasyChair paper ID. 

Formatting and Submission

For your camera-ready version, use the latest IOS Press template. There are Word and LaTeX versions of the template available. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them closely.

The manuscript needs to:

  • be submitted without page numbers or running headlines
  • follow the IOS Press formatting guildeines
  • include an Abstract and Keywords
  • adhere to the given page limit (see below)

Page limits

  • Main track – full paper: 12 pages
  • Main track – blue sky paper: 8 pages
  • Main track – working papers: 8 pages
  • Doctoral Consortium: 6 pages
  • Posters/Demos: 2 pages

All paper types may use extra pages beyond the stated page limits for references only. Acknowledgements, Declaration of Conflicting Interests, Funding Statements, and other Appendices or Supplemental Material, if applicable, must not be part of the extra pages and needs to be included in the page limit.

If your paper includes figures, please provide a high resolution version. If applicable, also make sure to obtain permission from the owner of the original figure and include attribution to the original source where necessary.

The camera-ready manuscript is submitted via EasyChair by updating the existing submission.

Submit the following (combined in one zip file):

  • a PDF version of the paper with all fonts embedded
  • the original/source files: authors using the Word template submit the .docx file, authors using the LaTeX template upload a .zip file including all necessary files and images

Rights and Responsibilities

By submitting a contribution for publication in the proceedings, the authors warrant that the contribution is their original work, has not previously been published and does not to the best of their knowledge contain anything that is libellous, illegal or that infringes any copyright or other rights of agreement.

Before submitting the manuscript for publication, refer to the Publisher’s Licenses to Publish, which can be found here http://ios.tinyc.co/lOS_Book_CC_BY-NC and here IOS_Press_LTP_book_articles_OpenAccess_CC-BY-NC_27_January_2023.pdf