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Accepted Posters and Demos

A total of 18 posters and demos have been accepted for presentation at HHAI 2024. The poster and demo sessions will take place during the coffee and lunch breaks on June 13 and 14.

Title and Author(s)
Why Do You Think This Person Is Introverted? Towards Conversational Argumentative Explainability
Alexander Berman
Human Values for Responsible Decision-Support for Fire Services
Tina Mioch, Huib Aldewereld and Mark A. Neerincx

(paper withdrawn)
Cognitive network science reveals bias in GPT-3, GPT-3.5 turbo, and GPT-4 mirroring math anxiety in high-school students
Katherine Abramski, Salvatore Citraro, Giulio Rossetti, Massimo Stella and Luigi Lombardi
The Impact of Mixed-Initiative on Collaboration in Hybrid AI
Leila Methnani, Adam Dahlgren and Virginia Dignum
A hybrid intelligent change management approach to generative AI adoption
Jacob Friis Sherson
Operational criteria of hybrid intelligence for generative AI virtual assistants
Jacob Sherson, Janet Rafner and Safinaz Büyükgüzel
Intelli-Research Assistant : Retrieval Augmented Generation system leveraging Knowledge Graphs for Downstream Natural Language Tasks
Ipsita Praharaj, Sahithya Senthil and Jiuyuan Xie

(paper withdrawn)
Keep Gesturing: A Game for Pragmatic Communication
János Adrián Gulyás, Miklós Máté Badó, Kristian Fenech and Andras Lorincz
Facilitating Human Feedback for GenAI Prompt Optimization
Jacob Sherson and Florent Vinchon
Multi-Perspective Stance Detection
Benedetta Muscato, Praveen Bushipaka, Gizem Gezici, Lucia Passaro and Fosca Giannotti
Institutional Modelling: a Case Study of the Swedish Organ Donation System
Bertilla Fabris, Michael Belfrage and Fabian Lorig
Epistemological Intervention: An ethnographic study conducted collaboratively by a human and a non-human using a web-based interface
Puneet Jain
ChatGPT May Foster Human Gist Memory While Offloading Less Sufficient Information
Gleb Vzorin, Vasilissa Petrova and Anna Sedykh
AI + Object Making & Creative Content
Kio Zhu, William Nickley and Grace Gerber
Intelligent Support Systems for Lifestyle Change: Integrating Dialogue, Information Extraction, and Reasoning
Pei-Yu Chen, Floris den Hengst, Selene Baez Santamaria, Bart A. Kamphorst, Maaike H. T. de Boer, Johanna Wolff, Shihan Wang and Quirine Smit
Human-AI Collaborative Big-Thick Data Collection
Haonan Zhao, Ivan Kayongo, Leonardo Malcotti and Fausto Giunchiglia

(paper withdrawn)
What happens to a robotic startup while it matures
Alexandra Hettich
Value-Sensitive Disagreement Analysis for Online Deliberation
Michiel van der Meer, Piek Vossen, Catholijn Jonker and Pradeep Murukannaiah