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Accepted Proposals (Doctoral Consortium)

11 research proposals have been accepted for participation in the Doctoral Consortium.

Title and Author(s)
Exploring Human-AI collaboration and explainability for sustainable ML
Eya Ben Chaaben
Investigations to Facilitate Human-Centred AI Development in Manufacturing
Maria Hartikainen
Developing Meaningful Explanations for Machine Learning Models
Henry Maathuis
Towards Value Alignment for Opaque Agents through Concept Analysis and Inter-Agent Value Modelling
Jack McKinlay
Neuro-Symbolic Approach for Tantrum Monitoring and Prevention in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Protocol for Virtual Agents
Andrea Monaldini
Explainable Interactive Machine Learning using Prototypical Part Networks for Medical Image Analysis
Alec Parise and Brian Mac Namee
Designing Expressive Interaction with Generative Artificial Intelligence
Xiaohan Peng
Interactive Multi-Objective Optimization for Military Helicopter Route Planning
Thomas Quadt
AI and wearables fusion as an assistant in physical therapy and sport training
Joanna Sorysz
Integrating Minds and Machines: The Role of Digital Externalization in Evolving Cognitive Architectures
Gleb Vzorin
Hypothesis Updating by Combining Knowledge Graphs and Argumentation
Giacomo Zamprogno