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Travel Funds

The Travel Fund application is now closed.

The deadline for application was May 26th 2023 AoE

If you are having financial trouble preventing you from attending HHAI 2023, please consider applying to the Humane-AI NET Travel Awards. Please note that those are not managed by the conference. However, one of the EU Networks of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence offered to sponsor external researchers to grow our community and facilitate networking.

The Humane-AI NET Travel Awards support undergraduate and graduate students, early-career researchers (such as those who are ≤ 5 years post-graduation), and those experiencing financial hardship or lacking institutional support, to attend scientific AI conferences. 

Who can apply?

Overall, we will accept applications that demonstrate financial need and a clear benefit to the applicant in attending the conference. 

  1. Anyone interested to attend the conference with a track record of relevant research and/or accepted submissions can apply. 
  2. Priority is given to applicants with accepted submissions (any contribution type in HHAI 2023). However, you are allowed to apply if you do not have an accepted submission. 
  3. Priority is given to early career researchers but permanent researchers and professors are allowed to apply. 
  4. If we have a large number of applicants, we will prioritize first-time attendees and presenters. 
  5. If we have a large number of applicants,  we will award funds to no more than one presenter per submission and one student per advisor.
What is covered?

The main goal of this award is to cover conference registration. We can cover any combination of conference registration and satellite events such as workshops, tutorials and hackathons. You must list the items you would like covered in your budget.

In special cases and based on the availability of the fund, we can cover travel, accommodation and VISA expenses. Through reimbursement, we can cover flights, local transportation, lodging, meals, and visa fees. Other expenses are not currently covered. You must list the items you would like covered in your budget. For travel requests, please include your means of transportation and the starting country. For accommodation requests, please include the number of days of lodging. For VISA requests, please mention your nationality. 

How to apply?

The application deadline was May 26 2023 AoE. The notification is due June 1 2023.


We would like to thank the organizers of the Gary Marsden Travel Awards for inspiring the processes of this travel grant as it is largely modelled after their protocol.