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Student Volunteering

The Student Volunteers Call is now closed.

The deadline for application was  May 31st  2023 AoE

Student volunteers are an essential part of making the HHAI 2023 conference possible. We are looking for proactive and enthusiastic SVs to help ensure a smooth and successful conference. 

As an SV, you will be involved in various support tasks such as (but not limited to) helping attendees, assisting speakers, facilitating organizers, providing information or directions, and generally being a point of contact for all conference attendees. 

As an acknowledgement of the time and energy put in as an SV, we provide several benefits including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Free conference registration
  • Food and drink during the conference
  • An exclusive SV t-shirt (and more…)
  • Unique opportunities to meet and network with members of the community
  • A “Thank You” memorable SV Party

While benefits do not include covering accommodation or travel costs, you are encouraged to apply to the  Humane AI Travel Awards if you need them. 

Acting as an SV you are expected to honour several responsibilities:

  • Your workload is expected to be around 20 hours before and over the course of the conference.
  • You are required to attend the orientation sessions (will be announced later). 
  • We expect you to be present for the entire duration of the main conference + 1 day before the conference starts (June 25-30, 2023) to ensure a successful time scheduling, address unforeseen tasks, as well as opportunities to take on additional SV responsibilities

Student volunteers take on a variety of tasks during the conference, some very simple (bringing water bottles to presenters), and some more complex (helping to set up exhibits). While we are planning to engage SVs with a broad set of tasks, we are also looking for students with experience in assisting people with accessibility needs, who can provide language support (specifically German) and/ or come from a diverse cultural, religious background to support attendees who have similar backgrounds. This opportunity is open to all students working in areas covered by HHAI 2023 and while previous experience is a plus, it is not a requirement – all necessary instruction and training will be provided.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join this great team!

How do I apply?

The application deadline was May 31st 2023 AoE.  All applicants will get a response to their application June 1st  2023 AoE. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact volunteering@hhai-conference.org