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Registration is open!

Please go to the registration page for details (Discount deadline: June 2). For registration and VISA questions, please contact registration@hhai-conference.org. For financial assistance, please check the Humane AI Travel Awards. The call for student volunteers is now open.

Block program

We are happy to announce the tentative block schedule for the conference. Throughout the conference days, we will have morning sessions every day from 9:00 to 17:00. Afterwards, we will have complimentary social evenings from 18:00 to 20:00 to foster the connections between our community. All morning sessions will be located in the conference venue. The social evenings will occur in various locations in cooperation with our partners. 

Please note that the schedule is still subject to minor changes. Also note that this reflects the day’s content not the actual order of sessions within a day. 

DayMorning Sessions
[9:00 - 17:00]
Social Evenings
[18:00 - 20:00]
Mon, June 26 2023Satellite events: workshops, tutorials, and a hackathon
[Location: Design Offices Macherei]
Tue, June 27 2023Satellite events: workshops, tutorials, and the doctoral consortium
[Location: Design Offices Macherei]
Lab tour & light snacks
[Location: LMU Munich]
Wed, June 28 2023Opening keynote + paper sessions + Science4Impact Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
[Location: Design Offices Macherei]
Welcome reception
[Location: LMU Lichthof]
Thu, June 29 2023Keynote + paper sessions + Posters & Demos
[Location: Design Offices Macherei]
Science4impact Night – Co-Founder Matching
[Location: German Entrepreneuership]
Fri, June 30 2023Closing keynote + paper sessions + awards and closing.
[Location: Design Offices Macherei]

Detailed Program

Time (START) Mon, 26-Jun-2023 Tue, 27-Jun-2023 Wed, 28-Jun-2023 Thu, 29-Jun-2023 Fri, 30-Jun-2023
9:00 FULL DAY:

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4

Tutorial 1
"Starting 09:00"
Tutorial 2
"Starting 13:30"

Coffee & Lunch breaks are similar to the
regular days

Workshop 1
Workshop 5
Workshop 6
Doctoral Consortium

Tutorial 3
"Starting 13:30"

Coffee & Lunch breaks are similar to the
regular days
Keynote 1:
Ana Paiva
Keynote 2:
To be announced
Keynote 3:
Yvonne Rogers
10:00 Coffee break 1 (Coffee + light snacks)
10:30 Paper session 1:
Interactive Hybrid Agents
Paper session 4:
Explanations in HI
Paper session 6:
HI for Health
12:00 Lunch break Lunch break +
Townhall starting "13:00"
Lunch break
13:30 Paper session 2:
Fairness and Trust
Posters + Demos Paper session 7:
Values in HI
15:00 Coffee break 2 (Coffee + light snacks) Closing + Awards
15:30 Paper session 3:
Co-creation with HI
Science4Impact Entrepreneurship
Paper session 5:
HI for Decision Support
Program at the conference location ends everyday @ 17:00
18:00 - 20:00 AI Lab tour Welcome Reception Science4impact Night — Co-Founder