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Accepted Posters and Demos

There is a best demo and a best poster award, marked with a trophy (🏆)! 

The Poster and Demo session will be in Room B

Link Paper
[pdf]Inferring Values via Hybrid Intelligence
By Enrico Liscio, Roger Lera-Leri, Filippo Bistaffa, Roel I. J. Dobbe, Catholijn M. Jonker, Maite Lopez-Sanchez, Juan A. Rodriguez Aguilar and Pradeep K. Murukannaiah
[pdf]Towards Simple Hybrid Language Model Reasoning Through Human Explanations Enhanced Prompts
By Benjamin Clavié, Guillaume Soulié, Frederick Naylor and Thomas Brightwell
[pdf]Using Multiverse Analysis to Evaluate the Influence of Model Design Decisions on Algorithmic Fairness
By Jan Simson, Florian Pfisterer and Christoph Kern
[pdf]Don’t you agree with my ethics? Let’s negotiate!
By Mashal Afzal Memon, Gian Luca Scoccia, Paola Inverardi and Marco Autili
[pdf]Somax2- A Distributed Co-Creative System for Human-Machine Co-Improvisation
By Marco Fiorini and Mikhail Malt
[pdf]Hybrid Intelligence – Human-AI co-evolution and learning in multirealities (HI)
By Sanna Järvelä, Guoying Zhao, Janne Heikkilä, Hanna Järvenoja, Kristina Mikkonen and Satu Kaleva
[pdf]PAIRADS: Hybrid Interaction between Humans and AI in Radiology
By Nazmun Nisat Ontika, Sheree May Saßmannshausen, Aparecido Fabiano Pinatti de Carvalho and Volkmar Pipek
[pdf]A Testbed for Cognitively Plausibly Bartering Agents
By Lamar Cooley-Russ, Kalyani Lakkanige, Sumit Kumar, Raj Ratn Pranesh, Sarah Rajtmajer and Alan R. Wagner
[pdf]XAIProcessLens: A Counterfactual-based Dashboard for Explainable AI in Process Industries
By Gianluca Manca, Nilavra Bhattacharya, Sylvia Maczey, Dawid Ziobro, Emmanuel Brorsson and Magnus Bång
[pdf]Challenges and Findings in Creating Smart Assistants for Mixed Reality Training Apps
By Ching-Hua Chuan and Erik Soriano
[pdf]Deep BCI of Pain Decoding from fNIRS
By Chungho Lee and Jinung An
[pdf]“Augmented Brainstorming with AI” – Research approach for identifying design criteria for improved collaborative idea generation between humans and AI
By Lea Schmidt, Alexander Piazza and Carina Wiedenhöft
[pdf]RadioMe: Adaptive Radio to Support People with Mild Dementia in Their Own Home
By Patrizia Di Campli San Vito, Xiaochen Yang, Stephen Brewster, Alex Street, Jörg Fachner, Paul Fernie, Leonardo Muller-Rodriguez, Ming Hung Hsu, Helen Odell-Miller, Hari Shaji, Paulo Itaboraí, Beth Evison, Nicolas Farina, Sube Banerjee, Alexis Kirke and Eduardo Miranda
[pdf]🏆 CollEagle; Tangible Human-AI Interaction for Collocated Collaboration
By Olaf Adan and Steven Houben
[pdf]ResumeTailor: Improving Resume Quality Through Co-Creative Tools
By Pieter Delobelle, Sonja Mei Wang and Bettina Berendt
[pdf]Quantifying cooperation between rule-based Hanabi agents using information theory
By Patricia Wollstadt, Matti Krüger and Christiane Wiebel-Herboth
[pdf]Functional Requirements for Interactive Bias-Audit Tools
By Daphne Lenders and Toon Calders
[pdf]A multi-dimensional development and deployment framework for Hybrid Intelligence
By Jacob Sherson, Baptiste Rabecq, Dominik Dellermann and Janet Rafner
[pdf]Developing and Validating Tools for the Automated Analysis and Enhancement of Online Discussions.
By Bjoern Komander, Jesus Cerquides and Jaume Piera
[pdf]🏆 Building Appropriate Trust in AI: The Significance of Integrity-Centered Explanations
By Siddharth MEHROTRA, Carolina C. JORGE, Catholijn M. JONKER and
[pdf]WeHeart: A Personalized Recommendation Device for Physical Activity Encouragement in Cardiac Rehabilitation
By Rosa VAN TUIJN, Tianqin LU, Emma DRIESSE, Koen FRANKEN,