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Accepted Doctoral Consortium

Detailed Program - Tuesday June 27th [Room G]
Time (start) Activity
09:00 Opening in Room G
09:15 Keynote - Wendy Mackay
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Paper session I
12:00 Lunch break
13:30 Paper session II
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Paper session III
16:30 Reflections and Closing session / ask us anything
17:00 End of Symposium
18:00 - 20:00 AI Lab tour (with food)
Accepted Papers
Session Time (start) Paper
I10:30Representation Learning for Semantic Scene Understanding [pdf]
By Azade Farshad
I11:00Using Non-Monotonic Logics to Create a Dynamic Framework for a Behavior Support Agent [pdf]
By Johanna Wolff
I11:30Towards Responsible AI: Developing Causal explanations to increase Human-AI collaboration [pdf]
By Regina Duarte
II13:30Designing the built environment through hybrid intelligence [pdf]
By Amir Homayounirad
II14:00How Physicians and Patients Interact with Electronic Health Data: A Human-Computer Interaction Perspective [pdf]
By Anastasiya Zakreuskaya
II14:30Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Emergent Cooperation in Social Dilemmas
By Nicole Orzan
III15:30Towards AI-assisted Data Science Development (Automating and Visualising Data Science Workflows)
By Dhivyabharathi Ramasamy
III16:00Neurosymbolic Narrative Generation for Cultural Heritage [pdf]
By Cosimo Palma
Keynote Speaker: Wendy Mackay

Wendy Mackay is a Research Director, equivalent to a tenured full professor in the ex)situ research group in Human-Computer Interaction at Inria, Paris-Saclay, and the Université Paris-Saclay. She teaches in the HCID and HCI international Masters degree programs at the university. The Ex)situ research group explores the limits of interaction — how extreme users interact with technology in extreme situations. Rather than beginning with novice users and adding complexity, they begin with expert users who already face extreme interaction requirements.