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Accepted Doctoral Consortium

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Please go to the registration page for details (Discount deadline: June 2). For registration and VISA questions, please contact registration@hhai-conference.org. For financial assistance, please check the Humane AI Travel Awards. The call for student volunteers is now open.

Time (start) Paper
Representation Learning for Semantic Scene Understanding
By Azade Farshad
Using Non-Monotonic Logics to Create a Dynamic Framework for a Behavior Support Agent
By Johanna Wolff
Towards Responsible AI: Developing Causal explanations to increase Human-AI collaboration
By Regina Duarte
Designing the built environment through hybrid intelligence
By Amir Homayounirad
How Physicians and Patients Interact with Electronic Health Data: A Human-Computer Interaction Perspective
By Anastasiya Zakreuskaya
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Emergent Cooperation in Social Dilemmas
By Nicole Orzan
Towards AI-assisted Data Science Development (Automating and Visualising Data Science Workflows)
By Dhivyabharathi Ramasamy
Neurosymbolic Narrative Generation for Cultural Heritage
By Cosimo Palma