Sponsoring Policy

Financial support from organizations and corporate sponsors ensure that the conference remains accessible to a broad set of participants. Outside contributions offset the considerable expense involved in staging the conference, reducing the financial barriers to participation and enhancing inclusivity. 

We aim to foster a diverse community with participants from varied disciplines, organizations, and geographic locations. We value and encourage participation from people in the academy, industry, government, and civil society.

At the same time, outside contributions might raise concerns about the independence of the conference and the legitimacy that the conference may confer on sponsors. We take these concerns seriously and have taken a number of steps to ensure that we’re able to maintain a transparent and appropriate relationship with our funders:            

  1. To ensure the scientific independence and integrity of the conference, sponsors have no say over the paper selection process, tutorial selection process, choice of invited speakers, the composition of the program committees, the best paper awards, or any other part of the conference organization or content. The substance and structure of the conference are determined independently by the relevant chairs and program committees.                
  2. We will always acknowledge our sources of financial support.            
  3. We will always disclose the benefits that funders receive as a condition of their contributions.                
  4. To ensure conference sponsorships are compatible with the conference’s ambition and principles, the Steering Committee of the HHAI Conference and the Executive Committee of the HI Consortium (as the organizing party) will be asked to provide qualified advice on potential sponsors. The details of this procedure are documented below.          

Sponsorship Approvals

For HHAI 2023 sponsors must be approved by the Executive Committee of the HI consortium and the Steering Committee of the HHAI conference on the basis of the following process:           

  • The General Chair will notify the HHAI Steering Committee (SC) and the Executive Committee (EC) of HI of the proposed sponsors by email.
    • The committee members will have 1 week from notification to submit an objection to a proposed sponsor by e-mail to the General Chair. Objections should be specific to the sponsor in question, cite relevant evidence, and argue why sponsorship from this organization would impede HHAI’s mission and violates its principles. If at least two objections are received, the sponsor will be submitted to the EC and SC.  
  • EC and SC will be provided with a ballot that contains a link to the documented discussion of the objections for the sponsor with their supporting evidence. EC and SC vote to Accept or Decline the sponsorship, which is discussed. GC is informed of the voting result and the discussion after which GC makes a decision.    
  • General Chair will inform the sponsor about the decision.                

(This sponsorship and approval policy is modeled after the ACM policy for Facct 2022 with thanks).